Michael Johnson Likes Justin Gaethje’s Aggression But Says He’s Sloppy

Michael Johnson Talks Justin Gaethje’s Sloppy Aggression

Top ten UFC lightweight Michael Johnson, says that he feels he’s been handed up as a sacrificial lamb. Saying the UFC brass looked at the top ten and said Johnson is the easiest guy in there to fight! So he feels as though he is being tested and this is where his motivation is coming from.. He feels as though Gaethje is nervous, this being his first fight in the UFC. Johnson believes that he is the guy to stop the “Highlight” hype train. Having already fought some of his teammates and having watched plenty of his fights.

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He feels that he is already well prepared to face him. He likes former WSOF champ Justin Gaethje’s aggressive style. But reckons that he is sloppy and everyone knows that and it’s something he is ready to expose. Going on to say that when you stack up Gaethje’s list of opponents versus his, there’s simply no comparison. We find out who’s words ring true on Saturday, July 8th at The Ultimate Fighter 25 Finale.

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