The Primer: Old Dogs – Michael Bisping, His Fistic Majesty #UFC217

Michael Bisping, His Fistic Majesty: The Primer: Old Dogs

The Count, Michael Bisping! Currently, the number one middleweight in the UFC. With the interim champion Robert Whittaker waiting in the wings. This weekend, however, Bisping faces a different threat in the form of the returning Georges St Pierre.

The former welterweight champion makes his much-anticipated return to the sport. And has chosen to make it against the British middleweight world champion. With Jack Slack we take a look at the huge improvements Michael Bisping has made since he first arrived on the UFC scene. Way back in the days of the Ultimate Fighter.

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How will he stack up against the returning GSP is anybody’s guess. But as an ever evolving fighter, you can never count out The Count. This not-for-profit video is part of a much larger analysis which can be found at


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