Mayweather vs. McGregor: Mauro Ranallo & Brendan Schaub Breakdown Clash SHOWTIME PPV

Mayweather vs. McGregor: Mauro Ranallo & Brendan Schaub Analysis

Colour commentator Mauro Ranallo and former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, going toe to toe in their analysis of Mayweather vs McGregor. From the get go there’s an obvious difference of opinion on this mega fight. Ranallo is seemingly firmly in the McGregor hasn’t got a chance camp.

While Schaub it seems truly feels that Conor has a real shot at shocking the World. Big Brown lays out why he feels Conor will be a tough fight for Floyd. He gives his views on his awkward style, his unusual movement and distance. Something that Mayweather will not have seen before. Schaub feels as though McGregor will be able to tie Floyd’s up on the ropes in similar ways we see in MMA, without getting penalised.

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Ranallo isn’t having any of it, asking is it just because Floyd is 40 and has been away from the ring for two years? Mauro acknowledges what McGreogor has done in a few short years. Going from being on welfare to finding himself in the biggest fight in combat sport history.


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