The UFC Fighter Lee Murray Who Robbed a Bank for $90 Million

Lee Murray: The UFC Fighter Who Robbed a Bank for $90 Million

The British MMA fighter Lee Murray became one of the most widely known fighters in the sport. When in 2006, he was involved in the biggest heist in British history. In a well-planned coordinated attack on a cash depot. Murray and his gang managed to make off with over $90 million dollars in cold hard cash.

At the age of 30, Murray was believed to be the brains behind one of the biggest crimes on British soil. Born in 1977, he grew up in the Barnfield projects in South London. Living in a bad part of the city, Lee soon became involved in gangs and started selling drugs on the streets.

Quickly rising through the ranks, Murray became the leader of a gang. Earning him the reputation as one of the most feared men on the streets. After being arrested for selling drugs, once his stint in prison was done, he began to get into physical fitness and started lifting weights.

Murray Turns to Mixed Martial Arts

He would go on to have his first MMA fight in 1999. Building a record of 7-1-1 with 6 first-round finishes. Establishing himself as one of the brightest rising British stars in the sport.

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In July 2002, the UFC hit London and during an altercation outside the venue, it was reported that Murray knocked out the UFC’s biggest star at the time Tito Ortiz. This was enough to earn him a contract with the promotion.

He won his first UFC bout and was then scheduled to take on Ortiz, but the fight never came off. Murray’s last fight was against Anderson Silva, in a fight which the Spider won by unanimous decision.

In 2005, Murray almost lost his life when he was stabbed outside a London nightclub and was resuscitated 4 times on the operating table.

In 2006 the Securitas robbery took place in which he was believed to be the mastermind. With carefully thought out plan saw Murray and his gang pulling off the largest heist in British history.

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