Kevin Lee Goes Off on Tony Ferguson | FIGHTING WORDS

Kevin Lee Going Off on “El Cucuy” Tony Ferguson

Kevin Lee takes on Tony Ferguson at UFC 216 for the UFC Interim lightweight title. And surprise surprise, as if we didn’t know it already, he doesn’t seem to like his opponent very much.

Lee breaks the news that Ferguson’s mama is going to cry after their fight. But he also says his mama will be crying too, but for very different reasons. The Motown Phenom goes on to say that he sees lots of holes in Ferguson’s game. And although he is tough as hell and has cardio for days, it simply won’t be enough.

Lee sees the mindset of Ferguson in that he hasn’t been broken, as a challenge. In the same way, as Michael Chiesa was both before and after their fight. Still wanting to continue even though he had been put unconscious (in his words). He sees the same type of fighter in Ferguson.

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Lee is adamant that El Cucuy will act in the same way as Chiesa did after their fight. In that he won’t be able to accept the defeat. Going on to say that he sees him as,

“A Weird Dude!”

He believes that he will be doing the UFC a favour by getting Ferguson out of their hair as a top contender. The reason being that he is just a weird dude, not only in his fighting style but also in his personality.

Lee talks about the International fight Week when El Cucuy, surrounded by security and media, got in his face. And how that later on, he texted Tony to come to his address for an ass whoopin! Adding that if he wants to get in his face, then do it without security to back him up! In the same way, Chiesa did at the press conference.


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