MY DAD WAS ALL ABOUT TOUGH LOVE | Kevin Ferguson Jr on London Real

Kevin Ferguson Jr on London Real | MY DAD WAS ALL ABOUT TOUGH LOVE

Taken from the full-length one on one interview with Kevin Ferguson Jr. The son of former bare knuckle street fighting legend Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice. In the interview, Kevin Junior talks about his relationship with his late father. He talks about how rather than avoiding the old footage of him in street fights, he actually revels in watching it, all of it. It shows him where his father or rather Kimbo slice came from. And where he ended up, as a successful mixed martial artist, which is pretty cool. He goes into some detail about where Kimbo’s fighting style originated. Saying that it was in fact from his dad watching boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson. Someone who he says his late father truly admired and would also have loved to fight. Slice and Tyson would later become friends, but that didn’t stop Kimbo from saying he would still fight his idol! Kevin Junior says that he likes to remember both sides of his dad and the tough love that he showed.


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