Justin Gaethje: Origins – The Story of His Journey to the UFC


Justin Gaethje’s Journey to the UFC

At 17 – 0, the undefeated newly signed Justin Gaethje makes his first appearance, July 7th. In the main event at UFC The Ultimate Fighter Season Finale. He will be stepping in against Michael Johnson, a fighter who made his name on the same show. But what do we know about Gaethje? Coming over from the World Series of Fighting where he was the reigning Lightweight Champion. Having blown through everyone in his way in the promotion. Making a move to the UFC and whole a new group of fighters to test himself against. It will be very interesting to see how a WSOF Champion stacks up against the elite roster of the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

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SB Nation – Origins, takes a look at where Justin Gaethje has come from. His beginnings in Safford Nevada, a tiny town secluded far away from any major city. We get to see inside the Gaethje family and hear from Justin’s siblings and parents. About what it was like growing up with their ultra-competitive little brother.

With a spectacular career in amateur wrestling. It was obvious from right back when Gaethje was a young kid that he would be going places. And when the young All-American discovered the UFC and MMA. That was all she wrote!

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