Jon Jones Joins Sports Illustrated to Talk Brock Lesnar, Conor McGregor & Heavyweight Champion Goal

Jon Jones Talks Brock Lesnar, Conor McGregor & His Heavyweight Goals

The new light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones joined Sports Illustrated. To talk about re-taking the UFC light heavyweight Championship from Daniel Cormier. Jones talks about what first went through his mind after finally regaining the belt he had stripped from him. After such a long road to getting his Championship back. All that he could think immediately post fight was finally. I finally have it back!

After going through a period of doing nothing right. Jones came to the realisation that he was doing nothing right and ruining a wonderful career. And he knew that winning the fight would be a huge step in the direction he wanted to head. Getting the respect back from his peers and fans. And now, it just being a a few days after the fight, he feelslike it is back.

Jon talks about how it has been a freeing feeling for people to see him as a piece of shit! People put celebrities on a pedistile and expect them to be this pefect thing and not ot be human. To be a role model for my kids and also be the athlete I want you to be.

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But losing that respect forced him to not care what people expected from him. It allowed him to start again at ground zero and be the person he wanted to be.

Deep Down he Still Doesn’t Me

Jones says that he hasn’spoken to Cormier since the fight. And imagines that deep down he still doesn’t like him. He talks about how this fight meant everything to DC. And that the fans are so brutal. How the fans put his whole career into this one fight as he never beat the real champion, even though he held the belt.

Jones says that he wants to be in a situation where he can work with Cormier. Show up to his charity events and he can do the same for him. He like that type of communication with him as they have been a part of each others lives now for two years.

Bones also talk about the prospect of facing Brock Lesnar sometime in the future. And what the former heavyweight Champion would have to do to met him inside the cage. All that, and even more!


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