Popped: The Jon Jones Delusion

Popped: The Jon Jones Delusion

Right, so you have the regular breakdowns and analysis of news and events in the sport of MMA. But then you have the always unique Mixed Molly Whoppery’s take. Always enlightening and always good for a laugh. You can’t help but enjoy his take on the crazy world of MMA and its participants.

In this episode, he takes on the Jon Jones situation. Giving us his in-depth tongue and fucking cheek opinion on what is really going on. With fingers being pointed at one and all. Cries of innocence, MMW cuts through the horse shit as only he can. And breaks down things in chronological order.Giving us details and some often unnoticed information that can swing our opinion.

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Justa pity we go to this once late as it’s a real doozy. Keep up the great work my man, much respect.

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