Jon Jones: ‘I Feel Like I’m a Completely Different Fighter than Before’ | UFC 214

Jon Jones: ‘I See a Guy I Beat Already” | UFC 214

The former UFC Light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones joined UFC on Fox. To shares his thoughts on his upcoming fight for the title at UFC 214. Against the reigning Champion Daniel Cormier.

Jones talks about where he is right now mentally and the tools he has added to his game while away from the sport. Now 30, Jones believes he is a lot more mature as a fighter and as a person. And with that in mind, he’s looking to go out there against Cormier and put it all on display.

Jon is asked if his second fight against DC will solidify him as the greatest fighter to ever step foot inside the octagon. Jones simply replies that every fight is an opportunity to solidify himself as the greatest of al time.

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Michael Bisping references a comment by Anderson Silva. Where he said that he saw fear when he looked in Cormier’s eyes. And he wants to know if Jon saw the same thing?

Jones simply says that all he sees is someone who has been going crazy all week, with WWE style antics. Adding that,

“All I see is someone I beat already”.

And how does the former Champion see this fight playing out? One simple word, victory.

All the action takes place Sunday, July 30th at UFC 214 in anaheim California.


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