Hilarious John Kavanagh on the Gavin McInnes Show (12:20)

John Kavanagh joined Gavin McInnes following UFC 205

This is an oldie, but a real goodie. A John Kavanagh interview (starts at 12:20) recorded just a few days after the election of Donald Trump. As well as SBG Ireland fighter Conor McGregor, winning the lightweight title at UFC 205. Against the reigning defending champion Eddie Alvarez. Making McGregor the first-ever UFC fighter to hold two belts simultaneously, in two weight divisions. More than anything this is just an unusual interview, where only a small segment actually relates to the sport of mixed martial arts. Gavin McInnes one of the original founders of Vice magazine, is more of a social commentator and together both men have a great chemistry. Tonnes of laughs abound and a lesson or two to be learned in there somewhere. It’s all good fun and a great insight into the mind of Kavanagh, outside of being an mma coach.

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