Joe Rogan Praises Michael Bisping’s Crazy Toughness and Work Ethic!

Joe Rogan Praises Michael Bisping’s Mental Toughness and Ability to Bounce Back

UFC commentator Joe Rogan talks to Dr Andy Galpin about the current situation in the UFC. Where contenders are being left behind for the big money fights. He talks Michael Bisping, toughness and work ethic in finally getting to hold the title.

The guys talks about Bisping’s fight with the title holder Luke Rockhold. And how everything was stacked against him going into a short notice fight. If he had lost to Rockhold for a second time, there’s no doubting it would have been the end of his title hopes.

Joe talks about how Rockhold thought he had the fight won and totally underestimated the challenger, thinking it was a done deal. He talks about Bisping own abilities and the debilitating problems he has, including joint problems and his lack of sight in one eye. What they also talk about is Bisping physical fitness levels, with a resting heartrate of 34 beats per minute. Meaning he can push a tremendous pace in his fights.

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The Counts Ability to Bounce Back

And one of the least talked about aspects of his game in his ability to bounce back. Following devastating losses to both Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson.  The Count bounced right back and kept the pressure on in the division. And how he isn’t afraid to take on anyone in the division, including Yoel Romero.

Joe talks about the intriguing fight between him and Georges St Pierre which is now officially back on. Joe also talks about the perceived lack of knowledge amongst new fans of who GSP is. And how he shaped the welterweight division and the sport.

Joe also reflects on the GSP vs Johny Henricks fight. A fight which he thinks was a draw at most. Where is he now and why did he slip away so quickly after winning the belt? Alot of speculation going on there.


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