Gunnar Nelson: Conor McGregor “Will Spark Floyd” and UFC Glasgow

Gunnar Nelson Says Conor McGregor Style Will Cause Problems For Floyd

Top UFC welterweight Gunnar Nelson doing a live Q&A before UFC Glasgow. Where he will be headlining the main card, facing Santiago Ponzinibbio. As expected there were a lot of questions from fans in regards to Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. Gunni talks about Conor’s chances against one of the greatest boxers of all time. Believing that he will give Floyd lots of problems and KO Mayweather.

He breaks down Floyd’s defensive style, hence the reason he wants to use 10o gloves. Gunni believes that Mayweather saying he doesn’t care what size the gloves are is bullshit. Him saying he would do it in 8oz or 4oz is nonsense and that he would not accept the fight under those circumstances.

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Nelson talks about who he would like to see get the win in the upcoming welterweight title fight. Between current Champion Tyron Woodley and the man who beat him, Demian Maia. Nelson is actually hoping Maia takes the title.

He also discusses his training regime. And how by working on your weaknesses leads you to move past you strengths. Then how those previous strengths then become your weaknesses. To which you return and continue the cycle. some great advice from the top ranked welterweight. Best of luck to both fighters

Head coach John Kavanagh also makes a very brief cameo appearance.


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