33 YO Kickboxing Legend Debut’s UFC MMA ● Goku+Gohan=Gokhan Saki

Gokhan Saki = Goku+Gohan ● 33 YO Kickboxing Legend Debut’s UFC MMA

Gokhan Saki, 83 wins, 59 by KO… What happens when a living legend dares to take on a completely different world? Mindsmash takes a closer look at the transition from the standup world. Into that of the mixed rules fight game. Saki emerged the victor from his fist bout in the UFC, against opponent Henrique da Silva.

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How did his skills transfer across from a discipline without any grappling? Let’s take a closer look at the Turkish Tyson’s second jaunt into the world of mixed martial arts. On the biggest stage of them all in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

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