Gokhan Saki: “I Will Dominate UFC like Conor McGregor & He Will Beat Floyd Mayweather”

Gokhan Saki on Dominating the UFC, like Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather Being Beaten”

The recent announcement by the UFC, that they had signed former multiple world title champion Gokhan Saki. Who would be joining their light heavyweight division in 2017. Got quite a few heads spinning in the world of MMA. Here is “The Rebel” in an exclusive interview with Dubai radio. He tells the hosts that it is his intention to become a UFC legend. And also have an even bigger impact than the current lightweight superstar Conor McGregor. Adding that he also believes McGregor will beat Floyd Mayweather in their highly anticipated super fight. Also joining the show were part of Saki’s team Ali Fardi. And Tam Khan, an MMA pioneer in the United Arab Emirates and founder of TKMMA Fitness

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