The Curious Case of UFC Heavyweight Francis Ngannou – Anatomy of a Fighter

Francis Ngannou: UFC Heavyweight – Anatomy of a Fighter

The potential and story wrapped around UFC Heavyweight Francis Ngannou seems like a Hollywood movie studio dream come true. Who knows what is to come, all I know is I have witnessed something special. His fight vs Alistair Overeem in Detroit at UFC 218 will be special.


Anatomy of a Fighter: The Movie (Spring 2018)

Directed by Will Harris Productions

Instagram: @willharrisproductions @francisngannou

Twitter: @theewillharris @francisngannou

Anatomy of a Fighter is an upcoming documentary about the life and culture of both of the MMA and Boxing community. This film will focus on the fighters, coaches and teams, who are competing for their legacy, family and love for the sports. This film will feature some of the very best fighters of all time from both boxing and MMA.

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Just to name a few, it will include, Rashad Evans, Luke Rockhold, Roberto Abreu, Royce Gracie, Cobrina Charles, Randy Couture, Michael Johnson, Kamaru Usman, Trevor Wittman, Tyrone Spong, Evander Holyfield, Henri Hooft, Stacey McKinley, Greg Jackson, Mike Winkeljohn and more.

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