Homeless Man Becomes Top MMA Fighter: Francis NGannou

Francis NGannou: Homeless Man Becomes Top MMA Fighter

Francis NGannou was born in Batie Cameroon. In a country where the average wage is $1,320 per year. Growing up in poverty and facing struggle every day. Approached by local gangs n a daily basis who tried to recruit the big man. You would imagine that in the midst of that poverty and struggle, that young man would join. But looking back at his own father’s reputation as a street fighter, Francis would walk away.

Wanting to do something positive with his life. He attempted to become a professional boxer, only getting started at the age of 22. However, due to an illness, Francis was forced to stop and had to take up a local job to make ends meet. When he was 26 he immigrated to Paris France, where a harsh reality set in very quickly.

Without money or friends for support. Ngannou only had himself and the streets and became homeless. However, this did not stop him in his quest as he felt a greater power pulling him forward. And away from the past, he left behind in Africa.

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“When I started, I had nothing. Nothing…”

In August 2013, he was given the opportunity to train at the MMA factory for free. What we see today inside the UFC octagon is a man who has had to fight every step of the way to achieve his goals.

Is Francis NGannou the future of the UFC heavyweight division. Commentator Joe Rogan says that the sound he makes when he enters the octagon is different than that of any other fighter. While UFC President Dana White believes that they have not seen a heavyweight like him before.

With his backstory and God given athletic ability. Who can deny that he is a real force in the upper echelons of the UFC heavyweights, even perhaps a future Champion?

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