Floyd Mayweather Showing MAD RESPECT For Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Shows Huge Respect For Conor McGregor

Here is a well put together a compilation of all of the times Floyd Mayweather has shown respect for Conor McGregor’s own unique set of skills which he brings to the fight game. Money talks about how he feels McGregor has great striking, power and is a great champion. How much of what Mayweather says he actually truly believes in his heart of hearts, we will leave up to you to decide. But one thing that you do get a sense of is the change in tone. From when the potential fight was first announced to it becoming a real tangible fight! Mayweather will no doubt be the bookies favourite come fight night.

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But you can be sure there’s a whole army of MMA fans hoping their guy will do the business. And prove that standup is not worlds apart between the two sports. There’s a lot riding on this fight for all concerned. But for ono one more so than Mayweather himself. A win gets him what? A big payday, nothing more. It’s a fight that for many should never haveĀ happened in the first place. But a loss, Holy Moly! If Conor McGregor could pull off the unthinkable, stop the Money Train and shock the World in the process! There is no other way to put it. He will be a God.

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