Floyd Mayweather – Form Voltron REMIX

Floyd Mayweather – Form Voltron REMIX

During the New York leg of the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour. Floyd Mayweather directed his crew to surround the McGregor Team in a call out that will forever live in infamy. Shouting “Form Voltron” into the mic. It was one of the stranger goings on in a World Tour that has had all manner of craziness taking place.

But this particular instance was different. At the behest of their leader, the Money Team made a beeline for McGregor, UFC president Dana White and company. A very surreal and strange situation, as everyone is well aware that no one was to put hands on anyone else. So why the theatre?

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It’s a question only Floyd Mayweather can truly answer. As the vast majority of people watching were left scratching their heads. Not to worry! As the crew moved on to London England for the fourth and final stage of the May/Mac World Tour. No Four Voltron tonight fool. You guys stay in the bleachers.

London England should see another large contingent of Irish fans out to support McGregor. As he looks to be the only man to ever beat Floyd “Money” Mayweather in Professional boxing. We now look forward eagerly to the fight on August 26th.

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