Leonard Ellerbe on Mayweather fighting MMA fight “Floyd’s a GENIUS”

Floyd Mayweather fighting MMA fight “Floyd’s a GENIUS” Leonard Ellerbe

Boxing manager and promoter Leonard Ellerbe. Discussing whether we will see Floyd Mayweather fighting in an MMA fight. In this video, Ellerbe responds to rumors about Floyd possibly fighting in the octagon. Saying that “Floyd’s a GENIUS”, but not giving us much new information.

He talks about how it was a pleasure working with the UFC president Dana White and the UFC. When the two companies co-promoted Mayweather vs McGregor. But in terms of Floyd making his way back in to the fight game. And perhaps facing McGregor inside the octagon. For now at least Ellerbe isn’t giving much away. But w know he knows. And he knows we know, he knows. You get me?

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