Facebook Folly


Facebook Folly

We have recently been dealing with a string of Facebook blocks. These block stop us from posting to our page. With the added warning that the page may be permanently deleted. What’s most disturbing about the copyright claims which are made is that they can be made by anyone. All someone needs is a name and an email address. Claim some content and a page gets blocked for a set amount of days. Enough claims are made and a page can be shut down/deleted, permanently.

If you wish to contest the block, facebook is kind enough to give you a reference number and the email of the copyright claimant. Now here’s the thing. There’s no requirement for the claimant to substantiate their claim. Simply hit the claim button, supply a name, doesn’t have to be official or traceable. And an email address which for instance can be a gmail account. And off you go!

Someone, anyone, a hater, a competitor, your ex! They can all simply hit your page at will in an attempt to shut it down. And all Facebook do? Pass on the message, with interest. Our current block will be lifted by Monday 17th. We have made multiple attempts to contact facebook support, without any reply. One way traffic all the way. That’s now how Facebook rolls.

So be warned. We await your answer Facebook.

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