Demetrious Johnson Names His Surprising Top 5 UFC Fighters + Keeping It Real On CM Punk

Demetrious Johnson Names His Top 5 UFC Fighters

The UFC flyweight King Demetrious Johnson joined Hot 97 for his first interview in two and a half years. The champ discussed his latest victory, equalling the record set by Anderson Silva with 10 straight title defences. Now seen by many as the p4p number one. He was asked to name his top 5 greatest “UFC” fighters. Quick point* Why only UFC? I mean there have been multiple other promotions around the world. With fighters who never fought for the UFC. Amazing fighters, perhaps even the best! Anyway back to the interview.

Mightymouse breaks down who his favourite top 5 fighters are. And you might be quite surprised by some of his picks. Rosenberg also presses him on why he makes his choices, even discussing issues in the fighters lives outside of competition. Dj also throws in some names of fighters who are right up there in the mix. Yet they don’t quite make the cut. Offering his opinions as to why exactly that is, right down to the finest detail.

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Demetrious also talks a bit about his own career and when he sees himself finally hanging up the 4oz’ers. Currently out of camp, he let’s us in on what an average day looks like for a full time fighter and avid gamer (with a wife and two kids) in the off season.


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