Cris Cyborg Vs. Tonya Evinger UFC 214 Episode 3 of 4 #CYBORGNATION

UFC214 Cris Cyborg Vs. Tonya Evinger 3 of 4

What is happening in Cyborg Nation? Well, Cris is doing the usual pre fight UFC related duties, including photo shoots and interviews. We get to see what she gets up to behind the scenes as she counts down the last few days to her inevitable 145lb title challenge.

Cyborg along with her opponent Tonya Evinger get to square off for the press. As the tension and hype builds towards Saturday night. Cris gets to join the guys at Fox to discuss her upcoming fight. She also gets to answer the question about who she would like to take on in a super fight.

With Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor opening the door for athletes to step into another arena. Cris thinks that maybe a fight against a top boxer may be somewhere down the line.

Cyborg on Fox

Then, unfortunately, Team Cyborg are forced to stand around for nearly two hours. Before they finally appear on UFC on Fox. Come on guys sort yourselves out, this woman is cutting weight! Then finally it’s time for Cris to sit down and talk with Michael Bisping and Kenny Florian.

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When questioned by the hosts about the situation with Germaine De Randamie being stripped of the belt. Cris goes on the attack and says that she believes she was sick in the head. And made all types of excuses to avoid facing the number one featherweight challenger. And there is no way on God’s green earth that Cris Cyborg is not getting her long overdue shot at that belt. No way!

UFC 214 all access reality tv series CYBORG NATION brings fans behind the scenes of all the craziness that is fight week #UFC 214 Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier.

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