One of the Craziest Fights in Muay Thai History.

Muay Thai Fighters Throwing Amazing Elbow Strike Combinations

You may have already guessed it by now. But here at Micks, we love a bit of good Muay Thai. Not only one of the most exciting and devastating stand-up combat sports on the planet. But also one of the most successful, with its style being replicated across many of the biggest kickboxing promotions. As well as amongst the elite strikers in the world of mixed martial arts. In this clip we see two Thai fighters go toe to toe and exchange an unbelievable flurry of punch and elbow combinations. In one of the craziest fights, you are ever likely to see in Muay Thai history. Watch and enjoy these two elite level fighters do what they do best. In an absolutely phenomenal display of technique and sheer brutality.

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