Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather BLACK SWANS EXIST: Ido Portal | Exclusive Q&A with London Real

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Ido Portal London Real Exclusive Q&A

Movement guru Ido Portal joined London Real to do a live exclusive Question and Answer session. Among may topics he discussed the upcoming super-fight between Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather. Ido believes that in this fight, something is taking place which never happened before for either Conor or Floyd.

Neither guy has ever come up against an opponent like this. This is a totally new reality and Black Swans exist. He goes on to say that some fighters are really bad at handling aggressive beginners. And although Conor is not a beginner, it is his first professional boxing match.

Ido believes that Conor is coming from a different world. His timing is a bit off in terms of boxing. It’s going to be something totally new to Floyd who is used to dealing with guys who have only ever boxed all their lives. What will it be like when he goes in against someone who doesn’t fall into that mould?

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On the other hand, Floyd is a master at his craft. and he has been handling all comers throughout his career. The only issues it, that they have all been boxers. He says that he appreciates Conor even more now for taking on the challenge of fighting Floyd in his world.

Every Loss is a Scar

Although some people might think that he has nothing to lose, this is not true. Ido believes that every loss is a scar on the fighter for the rest of their life. It is extremely problematic, extremely draining and problematic. If you are going at it like these two men, then a loss is severe.

Ido talks about how he did not teach Conor how to move. All that he does is facilitate certain processes that open up the eyes for certain things. Giving the analogy that he is more like a squeeze of a lime at the end of a dish.


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