Conor McGregor Post Open Workout “Floyd’s Got a Problem!” Chael Sonnen

Conor McGregor Post Open Workout Breakdown by Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen is one man who is never short of a few words. He has already publicly said that he believes Floyd Mayweather will win the upcoming boxing match against UFC Champion Conor, when the two fighters meet on August 26th.

However, speaking as an analyst Chael gave his thoughts after watching the open workouts of both men. Having been working for ESPN for the McGregor workout. Sonnen had a somewhat slightly different tune when talking about The Notorious One.

While he still believes that McGregor will lose the fight.he says that in the open workout he looked awesome. Now while Floyd usually uses his pre fight open workouts to hype the fight and chat to the media.

McGregor was using his session to show the public how he looks. Chael isn’t too sure how much he was exposing in terms of what will happen on fight night. But Chael believes that the people who have been saying Conor will give Floyd problems because of the strange angles from which he throws punches, they’re right.

Sonnen thinks that Team Mayweather will have sat down and looked at the footage. And he thinks that Floyd will be thinking. That is not the way the 49 men I have previously beaten throw a hook. Now, will this be enough to swing the fight in Conor’s favour? Chael doesn’t think so.

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Sonnen talks about how he first heard about Conor McGregor from Kenny Florian. Florian who is known for his fight IQ mentioned McGregor’s awkward angles. And movement which he hadn’t seen from other fighters.
He then had the same interaction with Michael Bisping. Where Bisping also echoed Florian and talked up the odd angles and striking ability of the Irishman. It wasn’t until some time afterwards that Chael too began to see what exactly both men were talking about. And now after watching the open workout, he thinks that,

“Floyd’s Got a Problem.”

It’s this strange kinda movement which led to someone like Lyoto Machida winning a World title. If you had an opportunity to see him before or train with him. Then perhaps a fighter could have run straight through him. But it’s the not knowing which creates that initial problem. And Floyd won’t have an opportunity to work McGregor out pre fight. He only gets on shot!


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