Who’s next for Conor McGregor? Tony Ferguson or Nate Diaz?

Conor McGregor: Who’s next… Tony Ferguson or Nate Diaz?

Who will welcome the UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, back to MMA? It’s gotta be a two-horse race according to Mixed Molly Whoppery! Back at UFC 209, the World watched as the long-awaited Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson fight fell through, yet again.

The terrible Tiramisu had struck and Khabib was off the card. El Cucuy was left without his date for the night. This was the third time that these fighters paths had crossed, but without the customary act of consummation.

After a failed campaign to draw Nate Diaz into a money fight. Ferguson’s on-air handbags at dawn with up and coming Kevin Lee. Set the wheels in motion for their inevitable clash at UFC 216. On the line? The chance to welcome one Conor McGregor back to the UFC octagon after his money fueled vaunt into the world of boxing.

Ferguson vs Lee UFC 216

And with everything on the line, including the college wrestling pride they both carried. It made for a great opening round of their fight, with the Motown Phenom ending strong with some vicious ground and pound from the top.

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The fight changed as Ferguson took control going into the second round. Although not a bad round for Lee, you could tell he was beginning to fade. And against someone like El Cucuy, that my friends, is something you cannot afford to do.

Round three signaled the end of Lee’s title hopes. As Ferguson laid some of that 10th Planet on the Motown Phenom, wrapping him up and tapping him out via triangle.

Now with the interim title to add to his amazing win streak. Ferguson has to be the next in line for a shot at unifying those titles against McGregor. Even Dana White was quite adamant in stating that not only is it the fight that makes sense! It’s the fight that has to happen…

But Dana has said similar before right? Let’s take a listen…

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