Video: Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez Preview / Breakdown

Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez Preview / Breakdown

Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez : UFC 205 Preview – Pre-Fight – Skill Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights

In one of the most anticipated main events, on the most anticipated fight card of the year, Saturday, November 12th, at Madison Square Garden -UFC 205– newly crowned 155 lb. (Lightweight) champion Eddie Alvarez (+135 )will defend his title against ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor (-150). While many purists view this fight as a tad premature, it’s a business decision that the UFC has made, and regardless of who wins, the fallout shall be interesting.

Here I will breakdown the fight in three phases (and briefly touch on mental toughness): 1.Striking and Distance managent etc. 2. “The In-Between” game, which will include clinching and takedowns, as well as defense. and 3. Ground work, submissions, and transitions as well as ground striking.

Next contest winner will be decided by who wins this, how, and for something new, whom they will face next. For example Conor via TKO rd. 1 TKO / Jose Aldo or Eddie ALvarez rd. 1 TKO / Khabib. I don’t make picks, those are merely examples using the number one contenders.

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Get a notepad and wash your hands, grab a notepad, as I’ll try to cram about an hoursworth of information into a 15 minute video (if possible). Enjoy, cheers.

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