Conor McGregor Is A Boxer

Conor McGregor Is A Boxer

A nice short montage of video segments from many of the talking heads in the sport of boxing. We have the most recent visitor to the Conor McGregor camp, former World Champion Paulie Malignaggi. And the now infamous outburst which put him on the UFC Champions radar. Leading to an invite for Paulie to come spar in Las Vegas with the Team.

Then we get to hear from some of the greatest boxers in modern time. Including Oscar De La Hoya who believes that the August 26th bout is a circus. He partner and living legend Bernard “B Hop” Hopkins. Who as far as he knows, says McGregor has not even had as much as an amateur boxing fight.

Some of the sport other well-known faces including promoter Bob Arum, who doesn’t give him a chance. Boxing aficionado Max Kellerman, who from day one has said that the MMA Champion will not as much lay a glove on the boxing great Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Going Back to his Boxing Roots

Cut to footage of the latest episode of Showtime’s All Access series. And we get to see the roots of the Irishman’s boxing background. His old boxing club in Crumlin Dublin, where from a young teenager. McGregor would train for some seven years, before taking up the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Conor talks about many of the boxing fundamentals which he learned in the gym, which he still carries till this day.

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Then we hear from the man himself, who will be facing McGregor when he steps into the ring in Las Vegas. None other than Floyd Money. Now Floyd has been bigging up the fight since day one. Talking about how McGregor has been winning all of his fight standing up.

We finish on footage of Conor doing what he does best and knocking guys out inside the octagon. Can he do the same thing when he meets a p4p great in his World? Now we know the two sides to the is he or isn’t he a boxer question. The answer, Conor McGregor is Boxer.


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