Chael Sonnen claims Conor McGregor picked a fight with the wrong guy.

Conor McGregor Picked a Fight with the Wrong Guy Claims Chael Sonnen

By now we all are aware that UFC Superstar Conor McGregor jumped the cage at the Bellator 187 event in Dublin, Ireland. And proceeded to assault both referee Marc Goddard and a Bellator employee. The incident took place after McGregor’s teammate Charlie Ward, won via TKO over John Redmond.

But according to Chael Sonnen, there may very well be alot more to the situation than most people may be aware. Sonnen informs us that the head of the commission for the Dublin event was, in fact, the head of the Association of Boxing Commissions. Someone not to be messed with and who will without a doubt, according to Chael. Bring down the hammer on the UFC lightweight champion.

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The result of which is that if things play out as Chael believes they might. McGregor could very well be looking at a lengthy suspension from the sport. Putting much of his immediate and future plans in jeopardy.

There are some additional factors involved therein. But if it turns out that McGregor can be held liable for his action at the Dublin event. he will most certainly be made to pay the full price.


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