Chris Weidman Needs to Pay, Michael Bisping Not Happy at All

Chris Weidman Needs to Pay, Michael Bisping Not Happy at All

The UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is not a happy camper. Following last weekend’s UFC on Fox 25 and Chris Weidman’s defeat of Kelvin Gastelum. Weidman had some additional comments to make about Bisping, outside of his challenge to come fight a real man.

Referencing a meme Weidman sent to Bisping, showing a man with crooked eyes. Which The Count says struck a nerve. It being an injury he received while inside the octagon. And didn’t take kindly at all to Weidman making a joke out of something like that, especially as a fellow professional.

For a man that constantly harps on about God this and God that. It’s funny how he could have such lack of respect for another fighters injuries.

Bisping wasted no time in going after Weidman’s victory over Kelvin Gastelum. Who he describes as an inflated welterweight. And the former division Champion Weidman, having lost decisively in his last 3 fights. Took on and beat a guy who should, in reality, be fighting at 170lbs.

So it’s fair to say that Bisping doesn’t see this a s a great win. None the less, it’s a win which the father of Chris Weidman, who is one of his biggest supporters said, marks the return of his son. Many people were counting him out. But now he’s back and he will be the Champion again.

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Bisping is Not Convinced

Michael Bisping isn’t at all convinced. In fact, he’s not convinced Weidman was ever Championship material. And goes through the opponents he faced before becoming the UFC Champion. With some fighters being named that many fans would struggle to know.

Bisping goes on to say that he will be having words when he meets with Weidman face to face, whenever that may be. He’s not going to do anything thuggish, but the former Champion is now firmly in his sights. We will have to wait and see what comes of this some time down the line. But with the Champion due to face Robert Whittaker, who himself is now out of action. Cold fate play any role?


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