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Selection of guest writers from the murky world of mma media.
Michelle Waterson UFC fighter.

Karate Hottie! Who is UFC fighter Michelle Waterson?

Who is UFC fighter Michelle Waterson aka The Karate Hottie? The karate hottie as she is dubbed caught the attention of the mma world with both her modelling good looks, and her fighting skills to go along with them. It…

Ronda Rousey posing with US flag.

Fighter Marketability Part 3: Let’s Wrap This Up

Fighter Marketability Part 3: Parting Shots & Final Thoughts The third and final installment of Eoin’s three part series on something which the vast majority of competitors have to contend with, a fighters marketability. In case you missed it, Part One of our…

Nick Diaz on the canvas at UFC 183.

Fighter Marketability Part 2: More Secret Sauce!

Fighter Marketability Part 2: What Are The Defining Elements? Part Two of the three part look in to the marketability of a fighter on the current landscape of the sport. You can read Part One of the series here. But without further…

Chris Weidman UFC middleweight champion.

Chris Weidman Wants You on His Team, But Are You Ready?

Are You Ready to Join Chris Weidman’s Team? If I told you about a fighter, that had the calm, laid back personality, and striking genius of Ray Longo. The passion for the sport and fans, and ground game of Matt Serra,…

The Marketability of a fighter.

Fighter Marketability Part 1: What Is the Secret Sauce?

A Fighters Marketability Can Depend on So Many Factors, But What Are they? Much of this article is borderline fantasy. I have no background in marketing, no fight business experience and little in the way of coaching. And what coaching I…