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UFC Dublin.

All the Stars Aligned ******

UFC Fight Night Dublin – All the Stars Aligned UFC Fight Night Dublin has come and gone. Yet there is no doubt that it will be remembered for some time to come. For as before the doors of the 3 Arena in…

UFC Road to the Octagon.

Lawler vs. Brown – UFC Road to the Octagon:

UFC Road to the Octagon – Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown UFC Road to the Octagon takes us inside the ferocious training camps and action-packed lives of six of the UFC’s most electrifying competitors. Robbie Lawler versus  Matt Brown in whats…

Andy Ryan.

Andy Ryan Discusses Neil Seery’s Fight at UFC Dublin

Team Ryano Head coach Andy Ryan Talks Neil Seery & UFC Dublin Head coach at Team Ryano Andy Ryan, sat down to discuss Neil Seery’s fight against Phil Harris on July 19th at UFC Fight Night in Dublin. We talked about…

Neil Seery.

Neil Seery UFC Fight Night Dublin

Neil Seery Pre UFC Fight Night Dublin Interview Neil Seery meets Phil Harris for the second time in his career, this weekend at UFC Fight Night Dublin. We had a chance to sit down with the Dubliner and discuss the…

Rodney moore.

Rodney Moore on Norman Parke & UFC Dublin

Next Generation Head Coach Rodney Moore talks and Norman Parke’s fight at UFC Dublin Head coach at Next Generation Northern Ireland Rodney Moore breaks down Norman Parkes upcoming fight and his opponent Naoyuki Kotani for UFC Fight Night Dublin. With a 76% victory by submission…