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Cris Cyborg UFC fighter.

Can Cris Cyborg Cement her Status as Baddest Woman on the Planet?

Cris Cyborg is Back and Should (Finally) be Rewarded with UFC Gold Countless challengers have stepped up, countless challengers have fallen. ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson’s name is thrown out nonchalantly these days across boxing and MMA. It seems if you are a…

UFC 214 please MMA Gods.

Please Don’t Let Anything Happen to UFC 214

UFC 214: PLEASE MMA GODS, I BEG YOU TO KEEP THIS CARD INTACT! Let’s be honest for a moment here, on paper UFC 213 was an intriguing list of bouts. But not at the level of previous ‘International Fight Week’…

Mayweather v McGregor: Call me Crazy But I am Backing McGregor

Call me Crazy But I am Backing McGregor vs Mayweather Saturday 26th August, 11.26pm, PDT. A packed out T-Mobile Arena is still in shock at what they have witnessed; Conor McGregor is atop the middle turnbuckle wrapped in the Irish…