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Brian is a fight fan and the consummate movie nerd. He spends his time rereading Stephen King novels and waiting for Chael Sonnen to beat Anderson Silva. Catch him on Twitter @Doledemort
BJ Penn fighting in the UFC.

BJ Penn & The Dying of the Light

BJ Penn & The Dying of the Light “I don’t even know what I’m searching for at this point….birds fly, fish swim – I do this.” “You’re going to fall, but you’ve got to stand.” – BJ Penn 2014 When…

Ronda Rousey UFC 207 weigh ins pose.


Mythbuster And so it was that in a division and a sport haunted by the spectre of Ronda Rousey, last night in Vegas, the ghost was finally exorcised – this time with little chance of resurrection. Ronda Rousey was once…

UFC 207 Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey.

Watch the Throne

Watch the Throne Some UFC events are sold on skill – chins to be found and defences to be unlocked. Friday’s Fight Night certainly offers these attractions, but should the PPV numbers go skyward, the UFC will be counting their…

Conor Mcgregor clinching with Nate Diaz UFC 202.

Learning to Win, McGregor v Diaz 2

Learning to Win, McGregor v Diaz 2 At first he was a novelty, a mouthy Irishman with a power KO. Then he was a contender, grasping the belt in the most dynamic of fashions. But it was only Saturday night…

conor mcgregor redemption song.

McGregor’s Redemption Song

McGregor’s Redemption Song In the wake of an underwhelming UFC 200 and amidst the sluggish politics of the companies sale. The second coming of the fight no one seemed to want at the outset has become all anyone in MMA…

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