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Avril Murphy Cutman.

You Looking For a Fight?

What Has a Girl Got to Do to Get a Fight? Avril Murphy is an apprentice cutman and amateur mma fighter, who works in and trains out of Straight Blast Gym Dublin Ireland and she wants a fight! Having recently won gold in the…

Cris cyborg.


Cris Cyborg Says She Will Be Back You might have missed it over the weekend. But Cris Cyborg Justino got yet another world title fight under her belt. This time it wasn’t in mixed martial arts competition, but rather Muay…

Henry fadipe.

The Next Big Thing! Henry Fadipe

Henry Fadipe The Next Big Thing? In a time when MMA in Ireland is rising at an astronomical rate future stars are revealing themselves at every turn and none more so than Henry “Herculeez” Fadipe, who fights for the EFC…

Finish him right now.

You Need To Finish Him

Why Don’t You Finish Him You know those movies about the days of Rome. Where Gladiators fought in amphitheaters, often to the death, as the crowd demanded finish him! One of the key moments would be when the gladiator would…

McGregor – Swanson Twitter Feud Continues

McGregor – Swanson Twitter Feud Continues Conor McGregor is a master of self promotion. The charismatic Irishman has managed to keep himself in the public eye even though he has been sidelined for over eight months with a torn ACL….