The Reem: Alistair Overeem Season 4 – Episode 07 #UFC218

Alistair Overeem: The Reem: Season 4 – Ep 07

In this episode of The Reem, we go behind the scene directly after UFC 218 and the huge knockout of Alistair Overeem. By the latest addition to the top echelons of the UFC heavyweight division Francis NGannou.

Alistair breaks down what exactly happened directly after the fight. And the fact that he had no recollection of what took place, having to ask his coach what took place. And when this is the case you know at the very least that you didn’t win.

Now, Overeem is back in his home country of Holland with his family. And back to the daily grind of the gym, as he looks to pick up where he left off. We get to meet his local gym owner with whom he trains whenever he is in his home city. The very same guy who many years ago brought him to his first kickboxing session.

Fellow MMA and kickboxing fighter James McSweeney is also training in the same gym. And tells us about how he came to train with the Overeem brothers when he was just eighteen years old.

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We are then catapulted back to fight week for UFC 218, as Alistair does his media duties. And gives us some insight into what fight week entails. We get to hear from Francis NGannou as the fighters go through their media duties and faceoffs.

“You are Going to Sleep”

Next thing you know its fight day and team Overeem are taking it easy with some video gaming. Alistair tells us what it’s like in the hours proceeding the fight itself. Before it is finally time for the main event.

It wasn’t to be his night that night. As he suffering a first-round devastating knockout at the hands of NGannou. Thinking back, Overeem believes he knows where he went wrong, saying that he was overzealous.

And now we find out what is next, as Alistair Overeem looks to the future. With new plans and a vision of what he wants to achieve.


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