• Campbell McLaren on the UFC and Conor McGregor

    Part two of our two part interview with Campbell McLaren. The man who along with Art Davie,  John Milius and Rorion Gracie brought us the Ultimate Fighting Championships. We chatted about the current state of the UFC. What he thinks of Conor McGregor and what was it like back in those hazy days when the UFC...


Where Next For Irish MMA

Irish MMA Where Do We Go From Here Now that the Irish mma posse has come down from the self inflicted sugar high, following UFC fight night Dublin. The real question we now want to know...


Daniel Cormier’s Got That Popeye Power

Daniel Cormier Meets Jon Jones at UFC178 Daniel Cormier steps in for an injured Alexander Gustafsson at UFC178 to face light heavyweight phenom Jon Jones. The change in opponent has...